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Digital marketing today is an interesting and lucrative field. Due to the advent of many social media platforms and new ways to market online, digital media marketing has become an important staple of the 21st century. Hopeful students across the world have flocked to new marketing programs in hopes of a degree and later finding great jobs in the field. Digital Marketing Media or DMM results in high salaries and there are many great ways to find online DMM programs! This blog is an introductory post into investigating the best ways to find DMM jobs, online programs, best schools, and more!

The salaries in this field can have a wide range but the field is continuing to develop at a high rate as the proliferation of digital media increases over time. Salaries in this field can range from $33,000 to around $90,000 according to There are different positions in this field that provide intrigue and satisfaction. Many of these positions are in fantastic cities like New York, Los Angeles, or even the Silicon Valley. There are jobs in this field that range from entry-level to executive level and many companies that are looking for newly-minted DMM graduates and workers. 

DMM has become an important field and so many major universities have made it a dedicated field of study. Universities like Duke, Rutgers, Southern Methodist University, The University of Alabama, and the University of Michigan have made developing their digital marketing courses a top priority. Major universities in all 50 states and across the world have DMM degree programs available at the undergraduate level!

 The top skills in the digital marketing industry are becoming highly specific, but highly attainable for anyone. Understanding Search Engine Optimization, Click-through-rates, and Keyword Optimization are becoming very valuable in the digital age.

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