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Tons of commerce is done online in the modern world. More and more businesses are becoming more attached to online shopping. Certain companies do almost 30% of their business in during the holiday sales week surrounding the holiday season. During this season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are critical operating timeframes where e-commerce is done. Because of this increase in online business, it can be imperative to understand how to market your business’ products and direct them to relevant customers. Google shopping ads give opportunities for consumers to see your products on all of Google’s platforms and can offer them comparisons of various products. Shopping ads can help you close sales and find new customers. Creating a shopping campaign is relatively easy, the first step is to set up a Google Merchant account. Using smart shopping campaigns can help you maximize conversions across: Youtube, Gmail, and Google searches. Understanding conversions is imperative to the success of your ad campaigns. Sales and conversions are the main basis for these types of ads. A good strategy is to select all of your products for a single campaign. If there are different goals for different products, the campaigns should be separated so they do not appear for the same goals. Revisiting campaign structure and goals periodically is a good idea to make sure your advertisements remain efficient and ideal for your products. In late posts, I will detail how to optimize product ad campaigns for the holiday season. Check out our twitter for daily updates and our blog for more information!

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